Educate. Expose. Elicit.

We believe every child deserves to enjoy learning.
That is why Our Learning Loft prides ourselves to:

Educate to love learning; 
Expose to experience the world; and
Elicit the best in every child.

Our dedicated approach to education means that our qualified faculty focuses not only on academic excellence, but on a curated MOE-based syllabus for life’s journey ahead.

Our Qualified Educators

Ms. Natalie Sun

Natalie Sun has been with Our Learning Loft from the very beginning. After many years of experience as a professional throughout the industry, we’re thrilled to have her expertise as our Head of English Department.

Mr. Lee

Since joining our team a few years ago, Lee has brought a fresh perspective and teaching approach to their position as our Head of Sciences that has inspired innovation throughout Our Learning Loft.