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Our Primary 6 Holiday Workshop

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Specially curated for Primary 5 students moving on to Primary 6 in 2022.

English Composition

We’ll teach your child the critical skills of Building on Your Composition.

Workshop Schedules

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Small Group Class

  • Teacher to student ratio of 1:6.
  • Trained teachers to meet individual student’s needs.

Specialised Programmes

  • Catered specially for RGPS, ACS, MGS, NYPS, HCI, NYGH, RI, RGS and many more!
  • Highly relevant class content and pace.

Proven to Succeed Pedagogy

  • Dynamic teaching methods to help students stay ahead.
  • Teaching styles popular with students.

Curated Superior Materials

  • High quality notes by qualified teachers.
  • Real world context problems to value-add students’ understanding.

Qualified and Caring Teachers

  • Stringently selected teaching staff.
  • Strong partnership with parents to help students improve.

In House Quizzes Every Semester

  • Students’ capabilities are assessed before actual examinations.
  • Tips and recommendations for students’ improvement.


Hear our students' experience

From Jonas' Mom: Ms Natalie is a very unique and reliable teacher. She does not only teach what is in the syllabus, she also cares about my child’s character. She will find ways and means to motivate him. I never had to worry about my son’s English subject nor track his work because I know Ms Natalie is definitely on top of his progress!

Thank you Ms Natalie for the important role you played in shaping him into a respectable young adult. Please know that I am impressed by your professionalism, positive influence and moral guidance, and I value the example you imparted. You are a great teacher.

From Jonas: Ms Natalie is an amazing English teacher and can be relied upon to help me achieve good results as long as I pay attention and am willing to work with her. She would go an extra mile to help me focus and find different ways to motivate me towards achieving good results.

She is able to explain the different types of English questions that I would encounter in a usual paper very well. She also does not give me homework that is unnecessary so whatever she gives me, I know will help me to get good results as long as I complete it properly.

She also does not just care about my results but she also believes that character is very important and will teach me the different values I should have. I value the values you have imparted to me. Thank you for being a great teacher.

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Jonas & Mom

Maris Stella High School (Primary)


conducive learning environment

We understand one learns best when she feels most at home. That is why our centre has been carefully designed with all the ingredients to be welcoming and cosy. So that you can be most comfortable when you learn with us.

Centre Facilities

give your child the very best
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Our Location

A 3 min walk from Tan Kah Kee mrt, we are a stone’s throw away from HCI, NYPS, NYGH, RGPS, NJC, SMSS and just a 5 min drive away from MGS, SCGS or ACS Primary.

We are located along the shophouses beside Coronation Plaza, just above Wine Connection!

Talk to us : (65) 6908 8884

Whatsapp us : (65) 8657 7897

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