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Your Child's Struggle With PSLE Math Ends Here!

Here's why our specially curated Primary School Math programme is your answer.

As MOE certified educators, we fully understand that the journey is challenging and stressful. But know that you are not alone in this because we can help you.

Our Tailored Approach

We believe that education should be designed according to how a child learns best. This very philosophy guides the way we teach, organise, and develop our Primary School Math programmes.

Small Group Class

  • Teacher to student ratio of 1:6.
  • Trained teachers to meet individual student’s needs.

Specialised Programmes

  • Catered specially for RGPS, ACS, MGS, NYPS, HCI, NYGH, RI, RGS and many more!
  • Highly relevant class content and pace.

Proven to Succeed Pedagogy

  • Dynamic teaching methods to help students stay ahead.
  • Teaching styles popular with students.

Curated Superior Materials

  • High quality notes by qualified teachers.
  • Real world context problems to value-add students’ understanding.

Qualified and Caring Teachers

  • Stringently selected teaching staff.
  • Strong partnership with parents to help students improve.

In House Quizzes Every Semester

  • Students’ capabilities are assessed before actual examinations.
  • Tips and recommendations for students’ improvement.

Math Proficiency

Your child will acquire strong fundamentals and become adept in solving problems leading up to PSLE.

Skills and Techniques

Your child will become proficient in the application of logical thinking skills and heuristics to tackle complex problems, including Polya’s 4 step problem solving model.

Practical Application

Your child will gain an appreciation of how problem-solving skills apply in life through practical application in projects, puzzles, and investigative games.

We reinforce concepts by drawing references from actual applications like calculating one’s carbon footprint.

Track Record

of our Math students
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Improved 1 grade within one term.


Hear our students' experience

Teacher Joy’s lessons are lively and engaging. She prepares us with difficult questions that might be tested in exams. I used to score less than 55% for Mathematics and Science exams but Teacher Joy’s helped me achieve 75% and above in less than a year!

I learnt many special tricks to solve complex Mathematics questions as well as systematic answering techniques for Science application questions. I love Math and Science all thanks to Teacher Joy!

The big screen allows me to see from anywhere in the classroom! The small class size is perfect for us to get sufficient interaction with her. There is a wide selection of relevant books at the waiting area that I can access before and after class!

Teachers and staff at OLL are super nice! Thank You Teacher Toy for putting in a lot of effort to make sure we go home and can fully understand what we’ve learned from that day! Teacher joy always makes sure to catch up with us and talk to us when it’s break time!

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Teacher Joy literally makes difficult questions become easy for us to tackle. She never let us get away with our mistakes and doubts. She gives relevant examples sometimes on how the math and science questions can be used in real life.

My grades have improved from a low-70s to mid-80s. My grades have never drop after I attended lessons with The Loft.

It is amazing how The Loft is always so orderly and tidy especially when I know students will inevitably mess up after that. Extremely clean and safe, especially during Covid season. 👍

Thanks for teaching me and journeying with me get through PSLE. Without all the help, I will not be as confident as I am now!

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St Margaret’s Primary


conducive learning environment

We understand one learns best when she feels most at home. That is why our centre has been carefully designed with all the ingredients to be welcoming and cosy. So that you can be most comfortable when you learn with us.

facilities & activities

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About Us

Our Learning Loft is Singapore’s top tuition centre providing carefully curated curriculum for Primary PSLE, ‘O’ level and Integrated Programmes. 

Our team of MOE certified educators are committed to delivering the best quality of education for your child’s primary and secondary school learning journey.  

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