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Using practical examples and hands-on experiences, our programmes help your child understand fundamental principles better and ignite a love for learning!

Primary (PSLE)

Our future will be in jeopardy if we give young minds only a catalogue on dos and don’ts of learning.

Hence, our Primary School Programme is specially tailored to awaken the natural curiosity of young minds to seek beyond the texts.

Conducted by top-notch educators, coupled with our highly engaging practical experiences, students are set to pick up critical thinking skills and develop winning habits for learning.

Let your little ones embark on this experiential learning journey today!

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Teacher Joy’s lessons are lively and engaging. She prepares us with difficult questions that might be tested in exams. I used to score less than 55% for Mathematics and Science exams but Teacher Joy’s helped me achieve 75% and above in less than a year!

I learnt many special tricks to solve complex Mathematics questions as well as systematic answering techniques for Science application questions. I love Math and Science all thanks to Teacher Joy!

The big screen allows me to see from anywhere in the classroom! The small class size is perfect for us to get sufficient interaction with her. There is a wide selection of relevant books at the waiting area that I can access before and after class!

Teachers and staff at OLL are super nice! Thank You Teacher Toy for putting in a lot of effort to make sure we go home and can fully understand what we’ve learned from that day! Teacher joy always makes sure to catch up with us and talk to us when it’s break time!

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Teacher Joy literally makes difficult questions become easy for us to tackle. She never let us get away with our mistakes and doubts. She gives relevant examples sometimes on how the math and science questions can be used in real life.

My grades have improved from a low-70s to mid-80s. My grades have never drop after I attended lessons with The Loft.

It is amazing how The Loft is always so orderly and tidy especially when I know students will inevitably mess up after that. Extremely clean and safe, especially during Covid season. 👍

Thanks for teaching me and journeying with me get through PSLE. Without all the help, I will not be as confident as I am now!

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St Margaret’s Primary

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About Us

Our Learning Loft is Singapore’s top tuition centre providing carefully curated curriculum for Primary PSLE, ‘O’ level and Integrated Programmes. 

Our team of MOE certified educators are committed to delivering the best quality of education for your child’s primary and secondary school learning journey.  

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