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Miss Joy

Math Teacher

Miss Joy has a post-graduate diploma in education from the National Institute of Education (NIE) and has taught in local MOE schools for the last 10 years. Coupled with more than 16 years of private tutoring experience, she has a comprehensive knowledge of the MOE syllabus and is well-versed in common school practices. 

Beyond a mastery of the subject, her amiable nature helps build strong rapport with students. Miss Joy believes in strengthening self-confidence in her students and eventually achieving competency in the subject of Mathematics. She works closely with parents to support intrinsic motivation in their child. 

“Small group learning is definitely the way to improve because the most constructive pressure would be, in my opinion, peer pressure.” 

Miss Joy takes pleasure in drama series and reality TV. Other times, she delights in a focused game of golf or just simply a chat over tea.

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Our Learning Loft is Singapore’s top tuition centre delivers carefully curated curriculum for Primary PSLE, ‘O’ level and Integrated Programmes. 

Our team of MOE certified educators are committed to delivering the best quality of education for your child’s primary and secondary school learning journey.  

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