What I benefited most from Our Learning Loft is that the notes and worksheets are HIGHLY relevant to what I am tested in school. I joined the centre 3 months before my EOYs and it already helped me achieve and overall grade of A1 for Science! I was previously scoring C5 and hence this is a huge surprise for me!


During my regular lessons, I can see that my Science teacher was not just merely going through the motion of teaching. He exudes enthusiasm and passion in every lesson, and this has certainly helped me develop my own interest in the subject. He is very encouraging and often tells me that I am going to do well. He is undoubtedly the BEST Science teacher I have ever met. Well, I am so confident that I will continue to achieve good grades when I promote to Sec 2 in 2021.


I also like how the centre is extremely clean and bright. It is a very ideal environment to study in. The snacks and drinks in the centre can help students learn and study better as they serve as refreshments after being tired from studying.