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Upper Secondary Chemistry Tuition

Module Details

Students will expound on topics related to the multi-faceted world of Chemistry.

Content Proficiency

Students will be competent in the areas including experimental chemistry, chemical reactions and organic chemistry.

Skills and Techniques

Students will appreciate the importance of chemicals in our everyday lives and the need to converse and recycle our limited resources.

Develop investigative skills that will be of long term value in an increasingly technological world, whether or not they go on to pursue science beyond this level.

Practical Application

Students will apply knowledge to real-world situations like how electrolysis is used to electroplate materials for electrical conductivity or for cosmetic purposes, as well as using alkalis like caustic soda to clean ovens.

Upper Secondary Chemistry

We focus on helping students grasp conceptual knowledge and apply content to solve real-life problems.

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Our Chemistry Teachers

Chemistry Teacher

Chemistry Teacher

Chemistry Teacher

Chemistry Teacher

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