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Welcome to Our Learning Loft

Here, we bring learning to life!

Using practical examples and hands-on experiences,
your child will understand fundamental principles better
and ignite a love for learning!

With highly experienced teachers specialiasing in small classes,
we offer premium tuition services to students in
Primary and Secondary school.

Classes We Offer


Lower Secondary

Upper Secondary

Integrated Programme

As a partner on the challenging PSLE journey, Our Learning Loft will bring concepts to life and help your children enjoy the process of learning. Besides having the required knowledge at their fingertips, they will be exposed to a world of experiences that would enrich their education.


Apart from having the opportunity to learn from a wide range of content, your child will also develop key reading, writing and critical thinking skills in the preparation leading up to PSLE.


Develop subject mastery through heuristics, critical thinking and reinforcement approaches to your child's everyday problem solving skills.


Hone your child's analytical mind by developing higher order thinking skills while appreciating the beauty of how our world works.

As a partner on the early stage of your ‘O’ Level journey, Our Learning Loft helps students understand and appreciate your education as we bring learning to life.

This means that apart from meeting your syllabus needs, our curriculum is designed to help you relate your lessons to the world around you!


You will be equipped with knowledge and fundamental skillsets to build a solid foundation for lower secondary mathematics.


Acquire a range of skillsets and content to excel in the lower secondary sciences.

As your partner on this challenging ‘O’ Level journey, Our Learning Loft helps students break down difficult concepts and master challenging topics so that you will be well prepared to to ace your 'O' Level exams!


Students will build upon the foundations established in lower secondary mathematics to solve high-order thinking problems in preparation for ‘O’ Levels.

Additional Mathematics

Students will be coached to handle the new complexities of longer and more challenging mathematical problems. Emphasis will be placed on supporting every student in honing of both algebraic manipulation skills and mathematical reasoning skills for preparation of ‘O’ Levels.


Acquire a fresh understanding of classical physicals that focuses on energy, matter, and their interrelationships. Students will be investigating natural phenomena and applying principles, theories and laws to explain the universe.


Students will expound on topics related to the multi-faceted world of Chemistry, and will be made competent in the areas including experimental chemistry, chemical reactions and organic chemistry.

The Integrated Programme (IP) is a 6-year course offered to academically-strong students that culminates in the GCE A-Level examination and other diplomas.

As you do not sit for the GCE O-Level examination in Secondary 4, you will be able to benefit from a wider range of learning experiences by being exposed to electives beyond the academic curriculum.

Mathematics (IP)

You will be exposed to content beyond the 'O' Level syllabus to enhance your learning.Our modules are intentionally designed to help students relate Mathematical content to real-life scenarios, based on MOE’s Mathematical Modelling Process of Formulating, Solving, Interpreting & Reflecting.

Science (IP)

Our curriculum is crafted to pique students’ interest and desire to seek answers to questions that can be answered by science. Our IP for Sciences will give you the opportunity to be grouped according to the 3 subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Biology.


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